7 best practices Dart Transit Company employed to
smooth the contract process while deterring misclassification

dart-logo.pngMisclassification cases had led to $6.9 million in penalties for Pacific 9 and a $228 million settlement for FedEx. For Dart, the risk of continuing to use a hard copy paper contract system to manage the company’s 1,400 owner operator contracts was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Openforce is not only protecting Dart from misclassification lawsuits, but also owner operators’ right to “choose the career path they want.” Learn how Dart Transit Company accelerated its onboarding, and established best practices and compliance automation.

“My number one job at Dart is risk management. We looked at the way we were doing things, and we didn’t like what we saw,” Grawe says. “After that, we said, ‘We can’t do this. We’ve got to find a better way.’”

-Doug Grawe
General Counsel
Dart Transit Company

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