UST Logistical Systems Discovers a Better Way
to Onboard Independent Contractors

With one million deliveries annually and approximately 1,000 team members in motion, UST Logistical Systems turned to Openforce’s cloud-based solution to streamline all aspects of independent contractor management.

Learn how UST Logistical Systems accelerated its onboarding, and established best practices and compliance automation, to align with the high standards of the company brand.

“Once the Openforce system was in place, a major pressure point was released. The Openforce automated platform is completely worry free and we can focus our time on more strategic priorities.”

-Tekisha Roberts
Compliance Director

About Openforce
Openforce® is the leader in technology-driven services for companies using independent contractors. As businesses manage against unpredictable demand, increased volatility, and rising costs, leaders across industries are turning to Openforce technology to make the most of their on-demand workforce.

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